Zimbabwe Tuli Society

The main objective of the Zimbabwe Tuli Society is to share ideas and strategies with regards to breeding the Tuli. It is Zimbabwe's most active cattle related society.

We believe we have a great selection of genetics of the world's original tuli. We have herds dating back to the sixties and look forward to any cattle correspondence. Our herd records are maintained on Herdmaster-Breedplan.

Zimbabwe has just exported 10 Jambo Tuli Bulls and a Masingita Bull and 24 pedigree heifers to Zambia. A positive development and milestone for the Tuli Breed.

Grand Champion 2016 Zim Agric Show
Jambo Tuli Stud 12-0721J took the biggest prize this year. A Tuli bull the likes of which have never been seen before... SA Interbreed Judge - Stephen Buys.

His EBV's are also a curvebender, small calves, excellent growth and a small mature frame for lower maintenance.

Dam 98-0696J produced 14 calves, 12 with above ave w200 figures.

Jambo Cow 09-0212J, calf 16-1323J received Reserve Grand Champion Female.

A group of Tuli, steers with a Jambo sire from Watershed won best steer group.

Tuli Bulls will be for sale at the National on 29 July and at the Harare Show end of August. See you there.




Welcome to Tuli Cattle Zimbabwe

The Tuli
The Tuli is of Tswana descent. The Tswana was originally a Bos Taurus animal that migrated down through to southern Africa where by mutations and natural selection over 5000 years it became ideally suited to a wide range of conditions across Zimbabwe while retaining a high level of fertility, early maturity and good meat carcass.

As farmers do you have any of the following problems in your herd?
  1. Low fertility
  2. Late maturing animals
  3. Calving problems
  4. Problems with tick or fly borne disease and internal parasites
  5. Poor grazing conditions
  6. Temperament problems
  7. Penning your animals at night
  8. Very cold or hot conditions
  9. Difficulty finding replacement bulls
  10. No backup from a breed society
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Who are we?

We are a group of diverse cattle breeders with a passion for the Tuli breed.

The Tuli is a unique genotype being a Bos Taurus type that has been in Africa for 5000 years. It offers the Zimbabwean farmer a unique opportunity to get good hybrid vigour and fertility when crossed with the Indicus (Brahman, Afrikaner etc) breeds and adaptability and hardiness when crossed with a Taurus breed (Hereford, Limousin, Angus etc).

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Contact Us

Please contact us at the following.

Harare Show grounds

Tel: +263 772 414 586/7, +263 712 617692, +263 774 172 918, +263 4 304607
ZHB & HAS: +263 4 756600


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